Field Care

The single greatest cause of ruined trophies is spoilage due to bacteria growth. The sooner the animal is delivered to the taxidermist, or frozen, the better. This is especially important in warmer weather.

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  • Large mammals for game head mounts should be caped by cutting around the belly of the animal at least 12” behind the front legs. Next, cut the forelegs off just above the knees. Skin forward as high up the neck as possible and cut the neck free from the head and cape from the carcass.
  • Avoid cutting the cape down the back if possible.
  • To avoid spoilage, the sooner you get the cape to the taxidermist the better. If you can’t come immediately, and have access to a chest freezer, freeze the head a cape.
  • Unless you have experience, we prefer that you do not skin the skull.
  • Do not salt the cape unless it has been fully skinned, split, and fleshed for taxidermy and can be fully dried. Never freeze a partially salted skin as it will spoil.

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Whitetail Fawn Mount - Life Size Mammals Taxidermy

Life Size Mammals

  • Do not gut the animal.
  • If at all possible, wrap the animal unskinned in a trash bag and freeze whole in a chest freezer. The sooner the animal is brought to the taxidermist or frozen the better to avoid spoilage. Predators such as foxes, coyotes, and bobcats are especially susceptible to slippage if not promptly cared for.
  • Large mammals for life size mounts, like bears, that need to be skinned should be cut down the back (dorsal cut) from the base of the head to the start of the tail. Separate the head from the neck. Skin down the legs and separate the feet from the legs at the ankle joint. Do not skin the feet. Wrap in a trash bag and freeze ASAP.
  • Large animals intended for rugs should be skinned ventrally by cutting the length of its belly and down each leg to the ankle or wrist. Do not skin the feet.

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Ring-necked Pheasant Mount - Bird Taxidermy


  • Do not gut your birds.
  • Make every effort to protect the plumage.
  • As soon as possible, put the bird in a plastic bag and freeze it.

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